Tulsa Company Offers To Recycle E-Waste For Free

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Tulsa-area residents can toss their old electronics and help the environment at no cost.

Natural Evolution, Inc is holding a month-long e-waste collection event. All residential e-waste will be accepted a recycled for free including monitors and televisions for through month of October.

The company is doing this ahead of America’s Recycle Day on November 15th.

Beginning October 1st, residential e-waste can be dropped off at the company’s location at 5701 East 13th St.

Acceptable items include: cameras, computer batteries, computer towers, copiers/scanners, fax machines, keyboards/mouse, laptops, microwaves, phones, printers, power cords, small appliances, UPS systems, and VCRs/DVD players, monitors, & televisions. Unacceptable items are air conditioners, light bulbs, refrigerators and smoke alarms.

Company president Traci Phillips says it’s a unique chance to clean house and save the planet.


“End of life electronics present many unique long term challenges to our natural resources as well as potential data security risks if not handled properly, all of which can be mitigated through responsible recycling,” she said.

Anyone in the area can participate. The offer ends October 31st.

Source : KTUL