• Spring Cleaning | TulsaPeople

    SPRING CLEANING Electronics Recycling is Big Business For Natural Evolution. By Cassandra Scott Scott, Cassandra. “Spring Cleaning”  TulsaPeople Publication Date: April, 2017 Pg: 80 Please Read Cassandra Scott's "Spring Cleaning" an article about the evolution of Natural Evolution and the business of electronics recycling.        

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  • Killing the e-Waste Industry

    Killing the e-Waste Industry The last several months have been incredibly hard on the electronics recycling industry in the United States. This shifting economics on the e-waste industry has forced many electronics recyclers to rethink their business model, opt-out of the e-cycling business, or revert to unethical practices of handling and disposing of e-waste. In the article, In Our Opinion: End-of-life support, Barbara Kyle and Sarah Westervelt discuss ...

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  • Cleaning Up Our E-Waste Mess

    Cleaning up our E-Waste Mess In this podcast, The Story Exchange interviews Traci Phillips of Natural Evolution in this two part series in Cleaning  Up Our E-Waste Mess. The Story Exchange is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to telling the personal and professional stories of women business owners. The Story Exchange podcasts features women small business owners, their aspirations and motivation that lead them to the unique ...

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  • Natural Evolution – ABQ Press Release

    Natural Evolution - ABQ Press Release Natural Evolution is the FIRST AND ONLY CERTIFIED e-STEWARDS RECYCLER IN NEW MEXICO.     Now that's news!   Natural Evolution, LLC is excited to ...

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