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  • Spring Cleaning | TulsaPeople

    SPRING CLEANING Electronics Recycling is Big Business For Natural Evolution. By Cassandra Scott Scott, Cassandra. “Spring Cleaning”  TulsaPeople Publication Date: April, 2017 Pg: 80 Please Read Cassandra Scott's "Spring Cleaning" an article about the evolution of Natural Evolution and the business of electronics recycling.        

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  • Killing the e-Waste Industry

    Killing the e-Waste Industry The last several months have been incredibly hard on the electronics recycling industry in the United States. This shifting economics on the e-waste industry has forced many electronics recyclers to rethink their business model, opt-out of the e-cycling business, or revert to unethical practices of handling and disposing of e-waste. In the article, In Our Opinion: End-of-life support, Barbara Kyle and Sarah Westervelt discuss ...

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