It is our belief that all things evolve.

Natural Evolution, Inc. located in Tulsa, OK provides electronics recycling or E-Waste services to a wide array of customers. This includes providing services to individuals, small businesses, Fortune 100 - 1000 Companies, City, State and Federal Government agencies as well as Tribal Nations & business enterprises. We handle the electronic waste stream in the most efficient and effective way while minimizing its carbon footprint. Our process is built upon Integrity, awareness and discipline, focusing on social and economic justice.

Our vision is to reduce the negative impact of computers and electronics on the environment. Our processing goal is to minimize the impact of the debris stream environmentally not only through removal, redistribution and recycling but also through the monitoring and reduction of its carbon footprint.

Our pledge is to use 100% US Processing, creating 100% US Jobs, and to remain 100% Accountable.

Natural Evolution, Inc. is convinced that our computer recycling services will significantly preserve our lands for future generations. We are committed to a world without End, and uniquely committed to using less energy in our processes and in the ways we transport equipment and materials. Electronic recycling is good for your business and is also good for our environment.

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